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You Said... We Did

At Northway we strongly believe in co-production; working together with our parents/carers, and other professionals, to improve our service and provide the pupils with the best we can offer.

We take the opinons of our parents/carers and pupils into consideration and make changes to  improve.

Here are some examples:

You said... 

"What is actually done in Literacy, Numeracy, Writing etc so I can practice and encourage him at home.”

We did...
  • Ensure home school diaries & class newsletters are going home with details of different lessons
  • Created curriculum maps for each subject which give a brief outline of what is being taught and suggested activities 


You said... 

"I need help and advice for dealing with my child's behaviour at home”

We did...
  • Organised parent workshops to discuss behaviour management 
  • Discussed pupil's Individual Behaviour Plan (if needed) and worked on systems that are consistent at home and school
  • Organised meetings betwen parents/carers and an educational psychologist, when needed
  • Supported parents through home visits 
  • Reminded parents that staff are always here to talk and discuss any issues
You said... 

"How do I help my child with their sensory issues?”

We did...
  • Trained a member of staff to lead on sensory issues
  • Organised parent workshops to discuss sensory issues
  • Created a 'Sensory at Home' page on the website for parents, outlining the types of issues their children may have and some practical ideas to try