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The Sensory Curriculum at Northway aims to develop our pupils ability to cope with the world around them and improve their  awareness and understanding  of their surroundings.


The Sensory Curriculum aspires to help the children improve, use and integrate all 7 senses; vision, sound, taste, touch, smell, vestibular and proprioception.

We believe that exploring the pupils sensory skills is vital to development and enhances the experiences of pupils of all abilities.


Kasia, our sensory lead practioner, visits all of the classes and provides ideas to help with the wide range of sensory issues our pupils display. Classes use a variety of sensory circuits and exercises to help regulate pupils sensory processing, helping them to be alert or calm. Some classes use TacPac, a sensory massage technique to aid tactile issues and teach pupils about relaxation. Similarly we have staff trained in yoga and a weekly yoga club.

We have a state of the art sensory room, equipped with a bubble tube, interactive floor and more!

In our sunshine room pupils can spin, jump, relax and explore a wide variety of sensory toys.  

The soft play room ensures that pupils can explore moving in different ways in a safe environment.

If you would like more information about sensory issues please see our 'Sensory at Home' page.