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The way we teach Science at Northway School is designed to support the pupils to increase their understanding of the world - it is not taught in discreet, formal lessons, instead the pupils learn about 'science' in a cross curricular, exploratory way.

In order to do this we want to develop the key skills and attitudes of observation and of curiosity. So we focus on these basic principles and work on the development of key scientific knowledge that is relevant to them and promotes their natural curiosity about the world. We want them to start looking out from themselves to the world in which they live.

This is taught in a practical way and are differentiated to the learning needs of the children. For that reason science is taught through experiential learning incorporated into other subjects, for example, Art and Kitchen Science.

We are also very proud of our outdoor area where we can explore some aspects of Science. Where appropriate we include sensory activities and explorations where we provide a variety of opportunities for children to actively use their senses to help them explore the world and start to develop an understanding of how that world works and where they fit into that world.