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School Staff

School Administration

Danielle Barker
Deputy Headteachers
Carol Levy, Simon Metcalf
Senior Management Team
Danielle Barker, Carol Levy, Simon Metcalf & Helen Rossi
Child Protection Coordinator
Helen Rossi
Drama Therapy and Behaviour Coordinator
Haris Soteropoulos
Computing and ICT
Luke Tunstall
Carol Levy
Family Support Coordinator
Jill Smith

Class Teams

N Class
Luke Tunstall (Teacher), Daniel, Tunde and Blessing (Teaching Assistants)
O Class
Magbule Xhena (Teacher), Charlotte, Rijona, Sultanija & Pan (Teaching Assistants)
R Class
Michelle Chelotti (Teacher), Jess, Andrea & Julie (Teaching Assistants)
T Class
Angela Servedio (Teacher), Stacey, Lucy, Manjula & Kim (Teaching Assistants)
H Class
Felicity Pipe (Teacher), Maggie, Sarah and Leo (Teaching Assistants)
W Class
Rebekah Johnston (Teacher), Marisa, Rory & Yuenkwen So (Teaching Assistants)
A Class
Natalie Denyer (Teacher), Fatou, Evie & Aruna (Teaching Assistants)
Y Class
Elizabeth Smart (Teacher), Rebecca, Erin & Anna (Teaching Assistants)
S Class
Kim Quach (Teacher), Amel, Ronahi, Monica & Elena (Teaching Assistants)
Early Years
Imogen Mortimer (Teacher), Melanie, Heidi, Ama, Keleigh & Smita (Teaching Assistants)
C Class
Emily Korel (Teacher) Kasia Mazurkiewicz (Teacher), Nileanah, Pooja & Alpa (Teaching Assistants)


Christian Morales, Anita Sam William
Speech Therapy
Luci Austin, Alice Green, Hannah Williams (SALT Assistant)
Occupational Therapy
Laura Quinn
PECS Communication
Sue El-Hanfy
Makaton Tutor

Krystle Williams

Sensory Lead

Kasia Mazurkiewicz

Premises Staff

Site Manager
Michael Young
Office Administration
Joy Sykes 
HR and Payroll
Brenda Hall
Network Administrator
Bina Doshi
ICT Support & Admin Assistant
Michael Taylor