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Welcome to our Parent Puberty Resource Page

At Northway we support our children from Year 4 upwards with Puberty.  This is a particularly sensitive time for them and their parents.  Your wishes on how this handled is very important to us and we will liaise with you at all times. Information is shared sensitively, simply and individually for every child.

Strategies, resources currently on offer:-

Below you can see Social Stories.  Our lessons in school from Year 7 will reflect the content and these are available to you should you wish to access them whatever age your child is.

Parents at Northway attended a Presentation on Puberty and this is included below.

We have Visuals available, that you may find useful. Please contact the school for a copy.

We have small “Pouches” available to all our Year 7+ pupils.

Boy’s blue pouches contain deodorant and body wipes.  Girl’s pouches contain sanitary towels and body wipes. This will be introduced when appropriate.

Should you have any queries regarding Puberty please speak to your Class Teacher.

We would like to thank our colleagues at Mapledown for their ideas and support with this project.