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Our Topic Web

Northway uses a two year rotating cycle of half termly topics as a means to reinforce and generalise learning throughout the school; this enables staff to work together in the preparation of resources and fosters a shared sense of community.
Having a topic for each half term allows us to explore a wide range of subjects, have a basis to focus teaching on and develop cross curricular learning. In the second half of the autumn term the topic is flexible and agreed by teachers and generally related to the Winter Show.

The topics are as follows:

The topic cycle:

Year 1

Year 2

Autumn (first half)

All about me and my world

All about me and my world

Autumn (second half)

Topic changes & is related to winter show

Spring (first half)

Toys & activities I like 

Colour & light

Spring (second half)

Plants, weather & the environment


Summer (first half)



Summer (second half)

Countries and cultures


This academic year (2023-2024) we are following the YEAR 1 topics

Click on the links for each subject to see more information about the different curriculum subjects at Northway and to get a flavour of how and what we teach.