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During the year, students will use a variety of equipment to build on their knowledge of technology which today develops from an early age and to extend their practical technological skills. Through technology such as iPads and digital recording devices (video, still and audio) students will be able to use different source materials to develop their ideas and express their creations via a variety of means, for example, apps and other publishing avenues, such as animations, presentations and videos.


Students will come to an understanding of how computing systems work through developing their interface skills, via mouse, keyboard and touch-screen.

Students will also develop a familiarity with coding through the utilisation of simple programmable / sequencing technology, such as Bee-Bots and online resources, such as Purple Mash.

E-safety is taught throughout the year and is linked to safety in real-life, ensuring that pupils know how to stay safe online and know the steps to take if they are feeling unsafe.


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You can view some of our Purple Mash ICT work here