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Humanities & RE



The starting point for humanities (Geography and History) is the child’s own life experiences working outwards to encompass the wider world and life experiences. We use an experiential, multi-sensory approach via art, artefacts, cookery, music, stories, and visits to enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding of the topics. In History we reflect on key events that happen now and place them in a historical context i.e. the Olympics. We also begin to develop the children’s understanding of their past, present and future by looking at their past experiences, whats happening now and what they would like to happen next. In Geography we build upon the child’s awareness of the world around them via their life experiences and use visits to build geographic knowledge and understanding plus teach geographic vocabulary where appropriate. We use the diverse population of Northway to help the children begin to develop an understanding of the wider world and different cultures.


At Northway we teach RE in a cross curricular manner integrating it across the curriculum. We aim to teach our children about world faiths via art, cookery, handling and looking at religious artefacts, music, stories and  visits to places of worship. We aim to encourage our pupils to learn about festivals and religious observance of other faiths by a multi sensory approach. We use an experiential, multi-sensory approach via artefacts, cookery music, stories and visits that builds on the children’s past experiences to promote understanding, respect and tolerance.

The starting point for all our work is the child and the child’s own life experiences. At Northway we value and reflect the diversity of religions encompassed by our school population and use these throughout the year to explore the different festivals celebrated both by our children and around the world.