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Equality Objectives


The Equalities Act 2010 states that all schools must publish specific and measurable equality objectives.

Our equality objectives are based on the identified needs of the school as set out in the School Improvement Plan.

We are committed to taking any necessary action to ensure there is equality across the school and that discrimination of any kind of disadvantage is eliminated. 

We are constantly reviewing our practice to ensure that we meet all of our equality objectives.




When will this be achieved?


What will success look like?

Programme of ongoing training for all staff and governors on equality and diversity.

Specific INSET training to all staff on equality and diversity

HR and SMT to lead

All staff and all governors

December 2018

Outside speaker if appropriate.

Agenda item at stand-alone whole school meeting.

All staff and governors will be aware of their equalities responsibiliites as members of the Northway community.

Ensure all parents and guardians are able to communicate effectively with the school.









Implement a translation service for key letters and meetings. 

Identify parents or members of staff who can translate if required. 

SMT to lead on identifying a translation service

April 2019

A go to list for translation services for letters and attendance at meetings.

All parents and guardians will be able to understand important letters sent out by the school and will be able to fully engage in meetings about their child.

To ensure that visually the school is seen to promote equality and diversity. 

Audit of the displays, the signage and the posters around the school to ensure they comply with our equalities policy and standards.   

SMT to identify and lead a working party.

December 2018

Time for working party to meet and plan.

All staff will be aware of how to ensure their displays and their classrooms promote equality and diversity.

To ensure equality and diversity values are continued to be consistently promoted throughout the school.  

Identify opportunities within the curriculum to look at different cultures, different countries, and celebrate the successes and achievements of those from all ethnicities and backgrounds.   

Use worldwide events such as major sporting occasions to explore other cultures.

Devise a programme of assemblies which celebrate different religions and cultures. 







Appropriate resources.

A greater understanding of the diversity of cultures and the respect for differences across the whole school community.


The ethos celebrates the diverse nature of the school community.


School assemblies reflect the diverse nature of the school community and promote equality of opportunity.