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Early Years Foundation Stage

Northway Early Years caters for Reception aged pupils. The children generally spend one year in Northway Early Years before moving into one of the classes in KS1.

The emphasis in Early Years is on developing pupil progress in communication, co-operation and self- help and independence. We aim to help the children understand the routines of school through the use of symbols, signing and clear speech and through provision of a wide range of very stimulating, child friendly activities.

Throughout each day the class comes together for short circle times for greetings, looking at books, music and other interactive activities.

Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance alongside the whole school termly theme cycle. The timetable is structured and is organised around a weekly book related to the theme; we then plan activities in literacy, numeracy. Art. DT, cooking etc. that are directly related to the story in order to generalise vocabulary, concepts and pupils understanding. In addition all pupils participate in weekly PE, drama, swimming and social education trips when we also aim to incorporate aspects of our story.


Within the classroom all pupils have up to three 1:1 sessions to use their TEACCH workbaskets with a member of the Early Years staff. Tasks in the children’s baskets include early numeracy, literacy, use of puzzles, mark making and activities to consolidate basic concepts and are again related to the weekly story and differentiated according to pupil need and take account of their EHCP outcomes and targets.

Our week includes sessions in the swimming pool, soft play and sensory rooms and for some children, time in the Sunshine room for sensory play and activities.  

All pupils attend individual sessions with the PECS co-ordinator and use of symbols and PECS are incorporated into sessions as much as possible. Makaton signing is used alongside speech throughout the day and a small number of children have specific teaching sessions.

We have a well- resourced outside play area which the children use for playtimes and after lunch where they can access activities from all curriculum areas as well as use wheeled toys and climbing apparatus.. The pupils eat lunch alongside staff who support them to try new foods and use cutlery and learn how to behave at mealtimes.