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Northway enjoys an incredible day of Sport!

Children from Northway participated in our annual sports day, superbly organised by Stacey, our resident P.E. teacher.

Key Stage 1 took part from 10.30 to lunch time and started off with a child and parent warm-up and then followed it with some of their favourite activities on different stations. These included: parachute popcorn, bean-bag throwing, colour match games, a sensory circuit and a water challenge. To finish it off they had relay races and a parent race.

In the afternoon, Key Stage 2 took part in a child and parent warm-up and then took part in some of their favourite activities in class groups. These included:  football dribbling, javelin, frisbee throw, basketball, a sensory circuit and to cool down, a water challenge. They finished off with relay races and adult races.


Lots of fun was had by all. Please browse more photos in our photo gallery.