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Safe outdoor spaces in Barnet

Barnet Family Services Outdoor Spaces Scheme gives you a place to play together this summer.

• Book exclusive use of dedicated outdoor spaces within the borough for the whole family to enjoy.

• The scheme offers different types of spaces with play equipment including climbing frames, slides and basketball courts. 

• Bring your own toys, games and refreshments. 

• Areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before and after each play session

• Transport can be arranged on request.

• Venues are unsupervised but support from local volunteers can be arranged if required.

The scheme is open to families in the borough who don’t have access to a safe outdoor space for their children to play and where they have a child/ren with special educational needs associated with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), learning difficulties or other challenging behaviour preventing them from accessing public outdoor venues.


To book a 90 minute session, email