Panathlon 2017 with Northway School!

On Tuesday 2nd March 2017 Northway sent a team of students to represent our school in the North London Finals of Panathlon 2017! In the auspicious Sobell Leisure Centre in Islington, our team of young athletes did us proud! Participating in numerous gruelling events, such as boccia, table cricket and new-age kurling, Team Northway faced some tough opposition and achieved some spectacular results! In the North London Plate Final, Team Northway showed great skill in boccia (8 points - 2nd place), table cricket (8 points - 2nd place) and athletics field events (8 points - 2nd place). These stellar efforts enabled Team Northway to earn third place on the finals rankings!

Congratulations Team Northway!

The Tempest at Northway School!

As part of our ongoing series of enrichment programs at Northway School, students participated in the nationwide Schools Shakespeare Festival! Schools from all over the UK staged their own performances of various plays by the world���s greatest playwright! Northway School staged their version of The Tempest at The Arts Depot in Finchley after months of rehearsals! Many parents and community members supporting Northway were among the audience during their performance and all were impressed by the skills of our young actors and the quality and imagination of the Northway production!

Take a look at some moments from the Northway production of The Tempest!

New Family Support for Northway

Northway School would like to introduce Jill Smith, our new Family Support Co-ordinator!

Jill commenced her role this term and will be making sure that our families are made more aware of what services are available to support our families and their children.

Jill will be working with the staff at Northway getting to know the children and their families and offering support when it is needed. If she is unable to offer advice, Jill will know someone who can! She has great contacts in different agencies and schools and working closely with them is a big part of her job.

Jill is looking to start up a support group and invite speakers to talk to families about subjects that interest them. She understands that sometimes things can go wrong in our lives and hopes she will have the opportunity to help.

Further information is available on the Assistance for Families page of our website.

Jill is available every Friday and invites you to contact her via the School Office with any questions.

Welcome to Northway, Jill!

Year 6 Leavers and School Awards Ceremony 21 July 2017

It is always a sad time when we say goodbye to our Year 6 Leavers as we will miss seeing their smiling faces and happy natures around Northway School!

As a measure of how much we appreciate the contribution our Year 6 students have made to our school over the years they have been here, Northway holds an annual Year 6 Leavers and School Awards Ceremony.

This event not only marks their achievements but also is an opportunity to recognise the efforts and contributions of students from across the year groups as well!

At this event, attended by parents, carers, families and community members and hosted by our Head Teacher, Lesley Burgess, Year 6 students are presented with their Record of Achievement album which displays their fabulous work and achievements. Awards are also presented to students across the school for achievements in fields such as Dance, Academic Excellence, Drama, Sports and Personal Endeavour.

Who will be our award winners in 2018?

Remembrance Day

Each year all classes at Northway are involved in Remembrance Day ceremonies as are many millions of people around the world. For us Remembrance Day means helping others in time of need and being a good friend. We make poppies and wear them, create displays and hold a minute silence ceremony. All classes sit outside their classrooms, the are walls festooned with displays and photos of friendship from World War 1.

Visit our Remembrance Day page to see how we observed this very important day.

School Gardens

As part of our School Enrichment scheme we have created a series of gardens in the outdoor areas of Northway School! Each class is responsible for their own garden and decide what they would like to plant. Students learn about the environment, horticulture and the responsibilities of caring for living things. Our students have developed quite green thumbs...move over Alan Titchmarsh!

Visit our Photos page and see what our Gardening gurus have been up to!

International Tuck Shop

Each year in June Northway School runs an International Tuck Shop for students and staff. Food from around the world is on offer and students delight in the wonderfully different tastes and smells! Delicious! The stalls are an exciting sight too, with colourful national flags and costumes representing the cultural diversity of our school community!

Thanks to Sue Neale (H Class teacher) for organising this annual event!

Take a look at our International Tuck Shop photos page to see our culinary journey around the globe!

School Winter Show

Northway has presented shows in previous years based on adaptations of The Nutcracker and The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.

The theme this year was based on the weather and the elements. Recognition goes to all our students and staff for their endless preparations and to our Drama Co-ordinator, Harry Soteropoulos for direction for his efforts to get everything ready in time!

Take a look at what a great production Northway staged this year!


At Northway School we love helping out the wider community so the students and staff never miss an opportunity to contribute to worthy causes!

From the delightfully delicious to supremely silly we participate in all sorts of charitable events... cake bakes, food stalls, Sports Relief, Jeans for Genes, Onesie Day... you name it, we have done it!

For more of our fun charity events go to our Fundraising photo page!

Tree of Success

A part of the ongoing SMSC program at Northway School to encourage friendship, good behaviour, social, moral skills and shared values is our Tree of Success!

This gives our school an opportunity to recognise those students who follow the Golden Rules and provide an example to others.

We announce leaf recipients at whole school assemblies and the coveted Red Apples really do take pride of place on our Tree!

Take a closer look at the Tree of Success page!

iPads in Classrooms

At Northway School we are always ready to take on a challenge and try new things... and the latest technology is no exception!

As part of our efforts to raise the profile of Computing within the school, we have rolled out iPads to each of the classes! In a few short years iPads have become a key resource in classrooms the world over and Northway is keen to be part of this trend.

Already our students have benefited from using these devices and have had an impact on their learning, such as handwriting, shape recognition, mathematics, story-telling and art!

We would love to expand this program and this might be a future project for our fundraising team... hint, hint!

Have a look at our tech whiz students at work on our iPads!


Ofsted Inspection

Thursday 12 March and Friday 13 March 2015

Northway School completed an Ofsted inspection which took place on 12 - 13 March 2015. Praise goes out to all our staff who put in long hours in the lead up and who have worked hard each and every day to ensure our students have a safe and happy learning environment. Northway School was deemed outstanding for the third successive inspection in a row!

For more information please visit our Ofsted page here.



A regular source of info for parents courtesy of

Jill Smith, Family Support Co-ordinator

Does your child have issues with bed wetting?

ERIC is The Childrens Continence Charity. The ERIC helpline service provides lifeline support for children, parents and professionals who deal with childhood continence issues.

Every year, the team respond to thousands of calls about problems such as potty training, bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and soiling.

You can call the helpline on 0845 370 8008 on a Monday to Thursday (10.00 am - 2.00 pm) to speak to one of our Helpline & Information Specialists. Alternatively you can email ERIC at helpline@eric.org.uk - See more at http://www.eric.org.uk


Well done��to all the parents that turned up to our Parents Forum on Sleep. It was well attended and the speaker Pattie Everitt from Cerebra��was so knowledgeable. There was hand out information that she left with us, so please phone the school office if you were unable to attend, but would like the information.

REMINDER - Does your child have a problem cleaning their teeth?

Our next Parent Support Group is planned for FRIDAY 18 MARCH at 10am-12 noon. We have an oral health specialist coming to talk to our parents. This is your chance to ask questions and hopefully make your life easier and your child keep their teeth cleaner!

For further enquiries and to book a place, please call Jill (at Northway School on Fridays) on 0208 359 5450.


New Mini Laptops for Northway Students!

At Northway over months and months we have been working hard to set up new computing equipment! Now we have a number of mini laptops which can be used as a roving computer lab! Classes can now use this lab and give their students access to a different way of doing things with technology! Northway students can use literacy and numeracy programs and interactive story books plus lots more! Students can also use paint programs and the full Office suite so they can hone their computing skills in a safe and controlled environment. We are also utilising iPads for students to improve their access to learning and hope to expand this resource base in the future.

Take a look at what is happening in class on our Computing page!

Travel Plan Award for Northway

Each year TfL (Transport for London) awards schools with a Gold, Silver or Bronze award for helping TfL in learning about how people get to school and work! TfL is very interested in the different modes of transport people use to get around this great city of ours and the information collected by schools will be of enormous importance in the planning of infrastructure for the future!

Well done to Sue Neale, teacher of H Class, for her hard work in organising Northway���s efforts and achieving a Bronze award for our school!

SweetTree Fields Farm and Northway School partnership!

It is great to acknowledge that the collaboration between Northway School and SweetTree Fields Farm has been of great benefit to Northway students!

After a term of visits to SweetTree Fields Farm Northway School staff members have been impressed by what our students got out of the programme. SweetTree Fields has been around for quite a few years in various forms and locations but now, thanks to Jude Allen, the person in charge of the SweetTree program, the farm has made a permanent home in Barnet. Best of all, it is only up the road from Northway School!

Our students have had the opportunity to experience nature first hand by exploring wild forest, looking after farm-yard animals, trying their hand at gardening and making clay ovens and learning about camp safety.

In the meantime please visit the SweetTree Fields Farm website to learn more about our new friends.

Sainsburys School Games: Silver Medal for Northway

Congratulations go to our Northway School Games team for their annual successes in the Sainsburys School Games! Last year Northway School was awarded a Silver Medal!

Thanks to Stacey Ward (PE Co-ordinator) for all the hard work in training our team and organising this annual event!

After School Clubs

The After School Club Program will be back on again at Northway School for 2016!

Further information will be available closer to the time that the programme commences.

Many thanks go to Elizna Krog (S Class teacher) for organising the program!

For further info contact the class team or the school office.

School Swimming Program

As part of the ongoing schemes to encourage physical development and healthy lifestyles for our students, the Swimming Program continues this year with our resident swimming instructor, Jamie.

The Swimming Program has been a mainstay at Northway for years and is enjoyed by students and staff alike!

Students are taught about breathing, swimming strokes and movement through the water.

We have fun while learning to be safe and confident in the water.

Take a look at our Photos page for some of the great things happening in Swimming!

Lunchtime Clubs

During lunchtime play Northway School operates a Lunchtime Club program.

Staff run various clubs for our students, such as Girls and Boys Clubs, Art Club, Drama Club, Choir and Bocce Club.

Thanks go to all our dedicated staff, among them Magbule, Harry and Stacey, who volunteer their time to organise this great program.

Drama Troupes visit Northway

Every year Northway School students and staff are treated to raucously hilarious performances by visiting drama troupes. Students are spellbound by the colourful sets and costumes and swept away by the dynamic and funny characters.

Thanks to Harry Soteropoulos (Drama Co-ordinator) for organising this fabulous event and we eagerly await their next visit!

Take a look at what fun we had watching Robin Hood!

Rebound Therapy

Another part of the ongoing scheme at Northway School to encourage physical development and healthy lifestyles for our students and supported with help of the Sport Premium Fund, the Rebound Therapy Program continues this year with our resident PE Co-ordinator, Stacey Ward.

Stacey is a fully trained Rebound Therapist and the program has enabled students to develop their physical skills and overall sense of balance and confidence!

Take a look at the program in action over on our Rebound Therapy photo page!

Student Art Gallery

We are proud of all the great work our students do at Northway School and take any opportunity to display their work where we can for all to see.

This is why we have created a new Student Art Gallery along the corridor of our office wing so visitors to our school can see the creativity of our students for themselves!

Art works on show often come from themes or subjects being studied at the moment and some of the works are specially commissioned by the Head Teacher!

So the next time you visit our school we hope you take the time to have a stroll along our Gallery!

In the meantime take in the sights and colours of the art works on show on our photo tour of the school!


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