Ofsted Inspection

Northway School 2014-16

On 12-13 April 2015 Northway School underwent an Ofsted Inspection. A team of inspectors visited the school and looked at every aspect of school operations and administration. They observed student learning in classrooms, looked at student behaviour around the school, asked students questions and took a look at students and staff engaged in activities and everyday events in school life.

The inspection team was extremely impressed with Northway School and the way it is being run. They commented on the excellent practice of our teachers, the skilled and enthusiastic efforts of our support staff, the knowledgable and highly involved Governing body, the diligent care taken of our students, the engaging and broad curriculum offered to our students and the happy and safe environment our students have at Northway where they develop into confident individuals.

This latest inspection continues what is now a fantastic trend at Northway School being the third successive Ofsted in a row in which we have been deemed outstanding. Northway School has achieved outstanding on 14-15 June 2007, 10-11 June 2010 and now our most recent inspection 12-13 April 2015.

We are so proud and like to acknowledge all the hard work by our staff each and every day.

Well done everyone!

Northway School is the sum of its parts: a professional teaching staff, skilled support staff, a rigorous Governing body, a supportive community and, above all, our wonderful students.

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Northway School

Northway School 
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